Important Notice

Dear Friends,

Seminole-Lake is my soul business and for as long as I lived, my intention was never to sell it.

Due to family problems and COVID-19 issues I must take a decision about its future, therefore I’m determined to sell half of the business. Given that I decided to transform SLG and the real estate into a shareholder company which total value is $3,000,000.

From the 20 shares that the company will have, each of $150,000, I plan to sell 50%.

I’ll guarantee all shareholders a profit of minimum 4% cash or 5% in services such as parking, hangar rent, glider rental or tows. All of the shareholders’ rights will be respected according to the US laws (to participate in shareholders’ meetings, to come forth and make decisions with regards to increase the business, investment policy, usage of active assets all in accordance to the law).

I plan to keep 50% of the shares and my representative will be Angelica-Mihaela Luculescu, who will be mandated to represent me within the limitations of a power of attorney.

I also wish to add that Ms. Luculescu intends to purchase the remaining 50% shares, however until we decide the formalities between ourselves, she will remain my representative at the shareholders meetings.

The sale of the shares will take place on March 31st, 2021. Until then everyone interested should sign up with the office.  I wish to note that there will not be additional shares sold over the 50% limit. This idea will not come into fruition unless all of the 50% shares are sold.

I set this deadline for March 31st, 2021 so that until then there’s enough time for negotiations, registering and to provide the necessary information that will convince you to become partners in this business.

Mihai Tanjala


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