Meet the staff

Rich Owen – Vice-President






Clif McVay – Manager: Clif soloed a J3 on his 16th birthday (so many, many years ago). He is a CFI: Glider, Airplane SE, ME, Instrument Airplane; an IA mechanic; and a Tow pilot.



Mihaela Luculescu – Office manager






Jan Driessen – Flight Instructor: Jan started flying in 1954 in The Netherlands; in the 1950s he was a fighter pilot in the Dutch air force. He is a Diamond Glider Pilot, having over 10,000 hours in gliders, of which 7,000 were as an instructor.

On March 2018 Jan flew his glider flight no. 25.000.

Steven Gibb – Flight Instructor: Steven has been a licensed pilot for over 51 years and a flight instructor for over 40 years. He flew the OV-1 aircraft overseas in the US Army. He also has flown and instructed in several other military and civilian aircraft. He retired from the US Army after 30 years of service and now enjoys helping airplane and glider students achieve their flying goals.

Ray Smith – Tow Pilot: Ray’s flying career began with gliders in 1978. He began working for Seminole Flying & Soaring, Inc., in 1987 and started towing gliders in 1988. On March 19, 1989, he towed the first glider at Seminole-Lake Gliderport, our current location. Ray has a commercial pilot license with airplane single-engine land and sea, multi-engine land, glider, and instrument rating with over 3,000 hours.

Capt. Sue Dee Martin – CAP 

“Mama Sue” & her puppy Snow are a great help year round at Seminole-Lake. You can either meet her in the office, running the line, helping around during her volunteering time here. We surely appreciate all your hard work you do for us!



Seminole-Lake is looking for a Director of Marketing  to:

  • Develop and implement marketing strategies in line with sales objectives for soaring business offering pilot training and ratings, glider rides and rentals and competitions.
  • Create company’s social media pages, website, newsletters and other marketing materials using knowledge of soaring and competitors’ businesses.
  • Requirements: B.S. in Marketing or foreign equivalent + 1 year marketing experience including in social media and either 6 months soaring business experience or glider pilot’s license.
  • Send resume to: Richard Owen, Seminole-Lake Gliderport 4024 Soaring Lane Clermont, FL 34714, email: