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No Experience Necessary!

If soaring is something you have always wanted to learn, you can begin today!
Flying gliders is a fun and cost effective way for any aspiring pilot to learn great stick and rudder skills. You can solo as young as 14 years old and get your license at 16.

We offer excellent instructors who can accommodate any age group, and each new pilot leaves us with skills and knowledge that is beneficial for a future in flying.

If you have previous glider time but have not been able to continue, come to Seminole-Lake and bring your logbook. We can easily help you finish up your rating.

* Minimum of 20 Instructional flights
* Minimum of 10 Solo flights
* Pass FAA Knowledge Test
* Pass FAA Check ride
Approximate cost $6,000.00

Already hold an FAA License? Come get your funnest rating yet!

Whether you are local or from out of the area, we can get your add-on rating completed in as little as 4 days! We offer a comfortable atmosphere with friendly, accommodating staff who will make sure you enjoy every moment of your training!
Our schedule is flexible to meet your needs, our examiners are always available.

Add-on glider rating counts as a flight review and no medical is required!

* Minimum of 10 Instructional flights
* Minimum of 10 Solo flights
* Pass FAA Check ride
Approximate cost $3,000.00

* Minimum of 10 Instructional flights
* Minimum of 20 Solo Flights
* Pass FAA Check ride
Approximate cost $3,500.00

Please read carefully 
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are asking all passengers to wear face covering. While limited quantities are available in our office, they might not be available for every customer, so please bring your own. Be sure your face covering is on all the time while in the glider. A face covering can be a mask or any secured cloth like a scarf or bandana that covers your nose and mouth. 
We are putting hand sanitizers in the office area and our golf carts.
If you experience any symptoms for COVID-19 please reschedule at a later date.


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