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2023 Senior Soaring Championship

  Soaring with the Seniors by Rich Owen Every year in preparation for the Seniors, we always look for new ideas and different ways to …[Read More] »

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2022 Senior Soaring Championship

Click here for article: 2022 Seniors RLT  

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Cross Country Etiquette and Field Rules

Private owners we want to share with you some key points in preparation for your cross country flights: SLG Seminole-Lake XC Etiquette SLG Seminole-Lake Field …[Read More] »

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2021 Senior Soaring Championship

  2021 Seniors Pilot Kit RevA Blue, a Little Low, and Somewhat Slow The first contest day for the 31st Anniversary edition of the Seniors …[Read More] »

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SSA Milestone Chart

SLG has been recognized for its effort in providing excellent instruction and flight safety. Thank you to all our wonderful students for choosing us as …[Read More] »

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2020 Senior Soaring Championship

This is the 30th edition of the Senior Soaring Championship. What started as a friendly competition between friends have turned into a highly competitive event …[Read More] »

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2019 Senior Soaring Championship

5 Lessons from the Seniors By Michael Marshall – US JR Soaring Team The 29th annual Senior Soaring Championship is finished! Every year, the organizers …[Read More] »

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New Prices

For more information on prices please call the office at (352) 394-5450 or email us at SLG Prices Prices subject to change without notice.

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2018 Senior Soaring Championship

Practice: 3/09/2018 Contest: 3/10/2018 – 3/16/2018

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2017 Senior Soaring Championship

Welcome to the 27th edition of the Senior Soaring Championship! Starting March 10th 2017. As every year since 1991, Seminole Lake Gliderport will be the …[Read More] »

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