Cross Country Etiquette and Field Rules

Private owners we want to share with you some key points in preparation for your cross country flights:

SLG Seminole-Lake XC Etiquette

SLG Seminole-Lake Field Rules

If you have any questions please contact the office at (352) 394-5450 or by email

Safe flying Everyone!



Lake Wales Parachuting Activity

There has been a dramatic increase in parachuting activity at Lake Wales airport.  There is a NOTAM that covers this activity everyday from 7am to 7pm.  To deconflict us from jumpers we are asking pilots flying cross country to follow these quick procedures:

  • Prior to transitioning the airspace within 5 miles of the Lake Wales airport, contact Miami Center on 134.55 or 127.2 and ask if there is jumping activity at Lake Wales.  Their jump aircraft will be on this frequency also.
  • Ask Miami Center for location of jump aircraft if it’s airborne.
  • Return to your cross-country frequency and announce if there is jumping in progress.
  • If possible, stay to the east of Hwy-27 and avoid overflying the Lake Wales airport.

Let’s be good neighbors and share the airspace wisely.  You certainly would not want to run into a parachutist on your cross-country.

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